Александр Королев — архитектурная мастерская

Игорь Коваленко | 09:21 23.12.2014 | 1485

Адрес : Россия, Москва, Овчинниковская наб 22

Телефон : +7 916 261 00 84

E-Mail : ask@alexanderkorolev.com

Сайт : www.alexanderkorolev.com


Alexander draws on both the emerging energy of the surroundings, imaginative mindset and vast experience to create unique spaces for his clients.

Alexander begins each project by seeking out the dynamic possibilities that lie within his clients’ ideas. Alexander’s professional team assembles together to tailor the necessary talent, skill and service to the individual needs of each project. You will always find their shared passion for fresh design solutions. Negotiating the design of your space with them makes a pleasure from start to finish.

Alexander and his team bring the highest level of professionalism and creative ideas to the complicated process of building a project.

Having been trained at top architecture schools and having worked in the field for already 11 years, including international project experience, Alexander and his team are rigorous in holding top standards for both their design and the quality of its construction.